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Ia Orana and welcome to paradise!

Motu Mapeti is a place to reconnect with your spirit and replenish your soul.  It is where the cares and worries of your lives can be put on hold and what you are left with is the feeling of the sun and the water and a place where memories are made. 

Our Story
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” That famous sentiment is something our family took to heart some 90 years ago and we believe in it more than ever today. 


The minute that you step onto Motu Mapeti you will immediately be taken back by the beautiful Polynesian style dwellings that dot the island. 

From incredible snorkeling, to world class SUP excursions, to tropical safaris, there is lots to do! 
What to bring, where to go, what to do. Everything you'll need to make your stay a memorable one.
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