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Our Story…


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” That famous sentiment is something our family took to heart some 90 years ago and we believe in it more than ever today.

 In 1920 our Grandfather James Norman Hall came to Tahiti in search of paradise. It was here that he and his co-author Charles Nordoff began what was to become one of the most famous collaborations in modern literature writing such classics as Mutiny on the Bounty, The Hurricane and many others. In 1925 he married his true love, our Grandmother, a local girl named Sarah Winchester (Mama Lala). They had 2 children our father, Conrad L. Hall and our Aunt, Nancy Hall Rutgers.

Conrad kept up the tradition of creative excellence going on to become one of the greatest cinematographers in Motion Picture History, garnering 3 Academy Awards for ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’, ‘American Beauty’ and ‘Road to Perdition’.

But the story of how he aquired this little gem began many years before, when Conrad was just a small boy of 3. On a starry night in Arue’ our Grandparents were entertaining their dear friends the Wilder’s, who at that time owned Maapiti. After the delicious meal, the Wilders made an unprecidented gesture of frendship and during a simple toast offered their hosts the Motu. Our grandparents were too humble to accept such a generous gift and gracioulsy declined. But it was said that on that night, a young Conrad was playing near the dinner table captivating his audience and the Wilders hatched a plan. If they couldn’t give the island to their treasured friends they would bestow it upon the young Hall. The Wilders never forgot their promise and 16 years later while Conrad was at USC a letter came in the mail stating that Ilot Mapeti was indeed his.

Dad fell in love with his island paradise. He spent nearly 30 years bringing his vision to life. Countless hours were spent with his friends and family designing, building and most of all dreaming. That brings you to us… his 3 children, Kate, Naia and Conrad. We have enjoyed the serenity and beauty that is this paradise found our entire lives and it dawned on us, “This is too great to not share with others!” So we want to encourage you to come. 

We’ve made this a place for dreamers because we are descendants of dreamers. Come kick your sandals off and feel the warm white sand between your toes, grab a mask and fins and float among a thousand brightly colored fish on a coral reef that will take your breath away. Paddle and kayak around a sugar white sand beach and 200 swaying coconut trees. Do yoga, learn Tahitian dance, enjoy the freshest fish you have ever tasted and finish it all off with a delicious Rum Punch. When you want a change of scenery, simply hop in the boat and in less than 5 minutes you can be on your way to hike up to a waterfall, play 18 holes of championship golf or head into town for shopping and nightlife. 

See for yourselves. Come.

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